Monday, July 21, 2008

Godbey Family History Blog

To aid Godbey researchers I've opened this family history Blog.

Feel free to post anyting related to Godbey Family Genealogy.

Lets get to know each other and compare research!


mogodbey said...

Hello Cousins;
I am from the Missouri Godbey's
of William & John Godbey,who came to Mo 1834 from Ky & Virginia.
I have some info on my Ggggrandparents. any one wants info let me

mtomlison said...

my great grandma is Cora Alice Adams and my great grandpa is Ephra Slavens Godbey. Ephra is a descendant from the Missouri Godbeys.

Sandy LaRue said...

I am a descendent of Mary Ellen Godbey 1849-1885, born and died in Pulaski Co, KY, who was married to John W. Jones. I believe her father was William Godbey 1800-1887. The line is a little foggy from there because of all the repeating names! Does anyone have any information from this line? Also, does anyone have any information before Thomas Godby 1587 line? My name is Sandy LaRue, from Louisville, KY. My grandparents were Ruth Jones (Mounce) and Sam Mounce of Burnside, KY (both deceased). My email address is: Thank you for any assistance!

Unknown said...
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Randy Godbey said...

My great grandpa was henry Godby born 4-8-1918 in hopewell,va. His parents were Henry A Godby and wife Georgia Sykes.