Tuesday, July 22, 2008


THE GODBY-GODBEY BOOK that we are all have heard about but can't always find may be bought here at http://www.collincountybooks.com/familyhistories.html

Original publication by Margie Sexton Richards of Springfield ILRevised by Alice Ellison Pitts in 1981 contains 332 pages plus full-name index 26 pagesTHOMAS R GODBEY, 1587(from The Godbey Family in America Biogrraphical Sketches
by John Emory Godbey)WILLIAM GODBEY, 1750 & wife ZANNERJOHN GODBEY, 1752Some family lines are brought current to 1980s.
Sold in 3-ring plastic notebook
Price: $37.00 plus $8.00 postage & handling - $45.00
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