Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Godbey Authors

We can have up to 100 authors for this blog.

If you are a Godbey researcher and want to be added, let me know!


THE GODBY-GODBEY BOOK that we are all have heard about but can't always find may be bought here at http://www.collincountybooks.com/familyhistories.html

Original publication by Margie Sexton Richards of Springfield ILRevised by Alice Ellison Pitts in 1981 contains 332 pages plus full-name index 26 pagesTHOMAS R GODBEY, 1587(from The Godbey Family in America Biogrraphical Sketches
by John Emory Godbey)WILLIAM GODBEY, 1750 & wife ZANNERJOHN GODBEY, 1752Some family lines are brought current to 1980s.
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Another Godbey Resource

Here is another Godbey site devoted to family history


Monday, July 21, 2008

Godbey DNA Project

As an introduction, I run the Godbey DNA Project at http://www.familytreedna.com/public/godby

DNA has been used in genealogical research since 2000.

Of the four sets of DNA results so far, all match and demonstrate without a doubt that John & William Godbey b. 1750's in Caroline Co., VA are brothers. The Godbeys of Pulaski/Casey Co., KY and Southwest VA & WV descend from these two brothers.

I'm happy to answer any questions regarding DNA or the Project.

Godbey Family History Blog

To aid Godbey researchers I've opened this family history Blog.

Feel free to post anyting related to Godbey Family Genealogy.

Lets get to know each other and compare research!